Lighting Replacement Consultation

replace2Balfour Beatty, Cambridgeshire County Council’s contractor for the renewal of street lights, has moved ahead with its programme for Histon and Impington. We have been advised of the next tranche of streets involved

These are:
Cambridge Road; Highfield Road; Woodcock Close; Bishops Way; Brackenbury; Milton Road; Burgoynes Road; Hereward Close; Homefield Close; Macfarlane Close; Parr Close; Percheron Close; Roselea; St Andrews Way; The Dole; Ambrose Way; Brackenbury Close; Drake Way; Henry Morris Road; Davey Close; Chequers Road; Lone Tree Avenue and on King’s Meadows: St Catharine’s Road; St Catharine’s Square; White Rose Walk; Sunset Square; Daisy Close
Balfour Beatty has assured us that residents in affected streets have already had an explanatory leaflet delivered to them and that they will have a letter specifically advising them of the work shortly
You can also get information about the proposed changes on their website

To access drawings for your area click on “New Lighting” in the menu bar

If you have any comments please give them directly to Balfour Beatty including on line or at and copy the Parish Council in at
Any such comments must be submitted by 19 September