Bishop’s site: decision deferred

Original article from by by David Jenkins

It was the Planning Committee at South Cambs today and item number 2 was the Mitre proposal for the Bishop’s site.

Bishops-photo-3[1]There has been considerable community opposition to the proposal and the community was well represented by speakers at the committee. Local resident and windmill owner Steve Temple was followed by Brian Ing on behalf of the Parish Council and then district councillors Neil Davies and Jonathan Chatfield. The third district councillor, Edd Stonham, sent an input by email.

All argued strenuously that the proposal be rejected on the grounds of:

  • an inappropriate design
  • inadequate parking provision
  • inadequate provision of social housing
  • incompatibility with the recently approved Local Plan
  • considerable local opposition.

The mood of the meeting appeared to be moving towards rejection until the idea of running it by a newly constituted design review panel was suggested. This was approved (by about 10 votes to 4) and will result in the proposal coming back to the Committee probably in May.

This is is not terribly good news but it’s not totally bad either. We now need to marshal our arguments for the panel which, by the way, is new, has never met, has no terms of reference and not even any members!

The Parish Council will continue to fight this development, not development on this site per se, just this particular proposal, and to support it in this it would be useful if:

  • as many people as possible could reaffirm their opposition to the Mitre proposal by commenting to this post; and
  • local architects/town planners could come forward to help the Council to build its case.

Click here to go to the file for the Mitre application on South Cambs’ web-site.