Christmas Burglary Advice

christmas-treeOur local PCSO has sent the following advice

Key messages

  • The Christmas period often sees an increase in burglaries with more valuable items than ever in the home.
  • Homeowners are being reminded to close the curtains once it gets dark outside, especially if the lights are on inside.
  • Tempting gift-wrapped presents should not be left on show.
  • In the evening, houses should look “occupied” with lights on and curtains closed.
  • Presents should be removed overnight from vehicles. If possible, they should be kept indoors and out of sight.
  • Residents should keep an eye out for any elderly or vulnerable neighbours and encourage them to follow these tips.
  • Empty boxes, which could advertise the Christmas goodies inside the house, should not be left outside on view.
  • Once Christmas gifts are unwrapped, they can be registered for free on the Immobilise database.
  • Immobilise is a free property registration system which allows stolen or lost goods to be identified and returned to the owner.