County Council gritting routes


Original article from by David Jenkins on 

It seems a strange time to do so but the County Council has confirmed its gritting routes for this winter. Click here to see the map.

There’s no change for Histon & Impington with the B1049 a red route and Park Lane/Gatehouse Lane, Impington Lane/Milton Road and Cottenham Road/High Street/Station Road/Cambridge Road all blue routes. Both red and blue routes get gritted whenever there is a need; it’s just that reds get priority in an ‘emergency’.

Thankfully we’ve had little need for gritting so far this year but remember that we were still getting severe frosts until March last winter.

The County Council is intending to reduce gritting costs substantially for next winter. It proposes to do this by a combination of:

  • smarter route planning;
  • lower salt application rates; and
  • more intelligent use of weather forecasts so that it does not arbitrarily treat the whole county when gritting is only required in a part of it.

Officers have said that there’s never been any serious attempt to manage gritting costs with every year’s budget simply being based on a an average of the previous 5 years. It believes that it can make the savings without impacting road safety.

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