Enterprise and parking issues on Station Road

Enterprise-Rental[1]Following concerns recently expressed about parking and related traffic problems in Station Road we met the management of Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

The Community has a mixed but largely positive view of the business. It’s positive for the village and it’s probably an important customer of the petrol station. However there are times when it seems that every car on Station Road is from Enterprise and then it becomes a problem.

Enterprise is an interesting company (inasmuch as a car rental company can be interesting). The parent company is Enterprise Holdings (http://www.enterpriseholdings.com/) and all it does is rent cars (and vans). It’s enjoyed spectacular growth and it’s proud of its record of corporate citizenry and philanthropy. And to its credit it is generous to the village supporting local causes.

It is conscious of the parking issue and has a policy of not parking its vans outside the petrol station where they obstruct sight lines and of not parking several cars together and depriving residents of opportunities to park. It does not park in any of the side streets and instead goes further afield if it still needs spaces to park. It is also careful not to park in any way which will obstruct.

Most times this works but at holiday weekends where there’s a big turnover it runs into problems so we talked about a number of options to avoid the apparent over-parking of Easter weekend. We also agreed that if a problem is foreseen that Enterprise would flag this up as soon as possible.

The managers we met were open and keen to talk about ways in which Enterprise could better manage its business with minimal impact on the villages. It’s very willing to address specific issues and any resident with a particular grumble is welcome to visit and talk it through.