Fly Posting is Not 100% A Good Thing

IMG_0582The appearance of posters around the village,tied or pinned to lamp-posts and other convenient points, is to some extent an indication of the vibrancy in the village. Most of them are advertising some event and they are one of the ways which our village communicates ‘with itself’. Others include a number of Facebook pages, the hisimp-chat, Hisimp News emails and, more conventionally, the community notice boards.

But there are problems is that there are some posters for out of village events, often posted by people from outside the community. And even the posters which we might regard as being appropriate don’t take themselves down when they are out of date. This results in a lot of posters which are not needed. So: here’s some suggestions which might help us to better control fly posting in the village:

• if you’ve got a poster which should remain posted for some time please put it on one or all of the community notice boards. There are such boards by the bus stop on School Hill, by the war memorial and on the Green
• if you are advertising an event by all means advertise it widely but please make sure there’s a date on the posters and take them down when it’s history
• if you see posters which are either not local or are already history please feel free to take them down.
• please do not pin posters to trees. It might kill them. Yellow ribbons are of course allowed.

This way we can manager fly posting without implementing any draconian and inappropriate rules.

David Jenkins