Good news for the Freedom Bus!

Original article from by David Jenkins on 

DSCN4259-Freedom-Bus[1]After continuous and vigorous lobbying by passengers, county and parish Councillors the Thursday 110 bus service to Ely has been saved! Not only has it been saved but it will now run on Saturdays as well.

This is good news because it provides the opportunity for people to go to Ely, do some shopping and have lunch. It’s a well patronised service and for those who use it it’s a bit of a ‘club’.

In addition to the extra service day it will also run via Rampton. Both of these changes are to compensate in some way for Rampton’s loss of the 110 service.

The new service is now being put out to tender. It is hoped that it will be up and running my the middle of the year.

Click here for a copy of the new timetable.