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1 July
Welcome from the Chairman; Clear It Up And Take It To The Bin; True Grit!; Save the Freedom Bus; Impington Parish Council Chairman’s Annual Report 2011 – 12; Finance Report; Histon Parish Council Annual Report 2011 – 12; Histon Village Green; Histon & Impington Jubilee 2012 Festival; Histon & Impington Olympic Event; The BIG Tidy Up!; Being a Parish Councillor; Why be a Councillor?; New for old lamps?; Farewell to Alan Eade and Mike Mason
2 November
Our Very Own Village Hero!; News From Kings Meadows; Allotments; Overhanging Trees And Hedges; Friday 7th December 2012 – A Date For Your Diary!; Re-Live Your Favourite Jubilee Moment!; Histon & Impington Feast; Damage To Crossing Keeper’s Hut; Big Tidy Up; Council Wins Funding For Safety Improvements At Co-Op Corner; Enviro.Volunteers Action; Solar Lights Along The Busway; Toucan Crossings On The A14/B1049 Roundabout; Choir 2000 Advent Concerts; 500 More Homes?; Get Ready For Winter Gritting For 2012; A14; Aliens Are Landing; A Village Wide Neighbourhood Watch Group?; Histon Police Station Under Threat; 101; Police And Crime Commissioner Elections; A Day In The Life …. Of A Parish Office
3 February
110 Bus Service Faces Axe; Station; Sometimes A Little Helps; Histon And Impington Community Warden Service; Good News – Parish Part Of Council Tax Not To Increase; Shopping Service – Age UK; Histon & Impington Open Gardens – Sunday 16th June 2013; 14 Newly Qualified Babysitters Available To Start Work!; The Big Tidy Up – Update; Keeping Warm This Winter – Free Energy Efficiency Assessments; New Art At The Recreation Ground; Community First Responders; The Impington & Histon Annual Walkabout; Real Time Bus Information – Update; Santa’s Grotto; Street Lighting; Winter Gritting; Histon & Impington Parish Council Congratulates….; Groundsman Retires After 18 Years Tending Cemetery; Jubilee Film Project – What Happens Next?; Graffiti; Christmas Lights; Histon And Impington Older Persons Co-Ordinator – 2012 / 2013; Parish Council Vacancies
4 May
Farewell To Max Parish After 20 Years Service; New Council Chairman David Jenkins; Skate Park; New Youth Activities; Parish Council Finances; Would You Like To Grow Your Own Fruit And Veg?; Annual Report By Cllr Max Parish; Can You Help?; Engage In The Afternoon; Stay Independent, Safe And Well; A14 Histon To Girton; Interested In Public Art?; Anti- Social Behaviour – Could This Be You?; Or You?; Keeping The Village Tidy; Neighbourhood Watch; Police – Graffiti Update; It’s Not Over Until It’s Over; Getting The Village We Want: Developing A Plan
For Histon & Impington
5 September
To PCSO Or Not PCSO; Parish Council Changes; Gritting; Fly Posting Is Not 100% A Good Thing; Electrical Waste Kerbside Collection – Help Our Community; Keeping Drains Flowing; Overhanging Vegetation; Save The Green Belt Campaign; A New Community Open Space For The 21st Century; Lord Coe’s Special Thanks To Local Volunteer; Consultations, Consultations; Footpaths In Our Villages – Consideration For All!; New Recycling Bins For Impington; Hedging Our Bets!; New Website For The Parish Council; Recreation Ground Weekly Activities Autumn 2013; Another Bonfire Burn Up In November; A14 Changes; Cheers; The Christmas Lights; Help! World War
I Memorabilia Wanted
6 January
Our Future, Our Plan; Bypass Farm – A New Community Open Space?; Council Tax; Youth Committee News; Film Project – Update; Don’t Park On Footpaths; 2014: An Exciting Year For Histon & Impington; Twilight At The Museums; Safety Improvements For Station Road And The High Street Nearing Fruition; Bus Boost Funding To Help
Improve Accessibility At The Coppice; New Safer Limit North Of The Green; Do You Like Meeting And Helping People?; Choir 2000; Switch To Cheaper Energy; Our Future, Our Plan; Do Something Special…Become A Foster Carer In 2014; Recreation Ground Weekly Activities Spring 2014; Sweetness And Lights; The High Street: Change Happens;
Electrical Waste Kerbside Collection – Helping Our Community; Are You, Or Have You Ever Been A Brownie?; Homefield Park: A New Entrance Way; Memories Of Histon And Impington Project – Can You?; Recreation Ground Vacancy
7 June
Chairman’s Annual Report; Community Public Access Defibrillator (CPAD); The Big Village Tidy Up; All Change At The County Council; Baby Sitting Course; Youth Questionnaire; Film Competition; Andrea Cramp; Hedges; Annual Walkabout – 2014; Neighbourhood Plan; The Butcher, The Baker And The Candlestick Maker …; Community First Responders (CFRS); Cambridgeshire Energy Switch; New Councillors; Speedwatch; Crime: Have Your Say And Do Your Bit!; Running And Cycling; Public Art; By Royal Appointment; Congratulations – Macfarlane Close Has 2 Top Class Football Rising Stars!; Hi People; Community Car Scheme; Cheers! The Good News……….
8 September
Rain; Rain – and More Rain; Minimising the Impact of Exceptional Rain; Drainage – Who Does What?; Free Electrical Waste Collection Thursday 6th November; School Traffic at The Green; Darwin Green; Driving Through Floods; Andrea Cramp – Youth Worker; Histon Cricket Club 2014 – 15 Season Report; The Big Tidy Up – 6th/7th
September 2014; Firing Up for the Bonfire Burn; Road Gullies; Histon FC Youth Development; The Problem With Dog Mess!; Bin Your Dog Dirt – Do Your Bit!; Warhorse Rides to the Rec; Would You Like to Grow Your Own Fruit & Veg?; The Mythical Maze; Enviro.Volunteers; New Councillor – Meet Shaun Lindsay; Santa Needs Your Help!; Creepers; Roses & Shrubs; Discover Histon & Impington Community Orchard; Memory Notes; Wonderful Village Places; Credit:Unions – Here to Help You Manage Your Money
9 December 2014 2015; Histon Base for Child Safety Charity Opens;  Join The Stop Suicide Pledge; Independent Living Fund (ILF) Closure, June 2015; Don’t Be Lonely At Christmas; Attention All DIY Enthusiasts; The Big Tidy Up Now In Its Third Year; Winter Footpath Gritting; Changes To Your Bin Collection; Neighbourhood Plan; Tennis All Year For All; New Sustainability Group; Young People’s Noticeboard; A Feast Of Fundraising (And Fun)…..; Farmers Market & Craft Fair At Impington Village College; Histon And Impington Fireworks Extravaganza; Promoting Village Pride; Dr Tony Hillier – Sculptor And University Fellow; Apprenticeship Opportunity In Histon & Impington Earn While You Learn!; New Councillor – Christine Hertoghe; St Andrews Cafe; Had A Good Read Lately?


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