Histon and Impington Feast Community Funding in 2014

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The Histon and Impington Feast is run annually to provide community events in the first week of July, known feastas Feast Week.  These are to raise funds for local causes and in 2013 over £5000 was raised and distributed.

If you are a local organisation, which would like to benefit from Feast funding in 2014, you will need to apply to the Committee by January 22nd 2014.

The application form for funding is available from the Feast website click here.

But don’t forget, the Feast needs You!

The Feast committee has a number of exciting new ideas in development for Feast Week 2014 and would always benefit from new members to help organise these events; this doesn’t mean you have to become a committee member.  Please contact Steve Cox stevecox.histon@gmail.com if you are interested in getting involved.

The Feast AGM is on January 23rd at 8pm.  It is held at the Rec Pavilion.  Please come along if you are interested in the continuation of Histon and Impington Feast.

Steve Cox
Histon and Impington Feast Committee