HOLIDAY CLUB 2014 – The Aliens are coming! – July 28–Aug 1

Rad Sileans logoThe Aliens are coming! On Monday July 28, 3 Rad Silean’s from Silicore will arrive in Histon & Impington in their spaceship the ‘RS Pop-corn’. Their mission is to find out about earth, it’s people, it’s history and it’s relationship with God.

The RS Pop-corn is laden with highly advanced technology including a brand new, untested, teleporting machine and an IHULC Interactive Holographic Universe Learning Console. We are excited to cosmic levels here as we prepare to make this week the best week of your summer, or even your year! Not only will Holiday Club be huge fun but we are excited to be able to share with you something of the love of God for all us and that we believe God wants us all to be part of his story too.

All children who are currently at Infants or Juniors school are welcome to join us for the week of July 28-August 1 this year. We finish the week with a family celebration on the Friday evening with bacon rolls and ice cream at 5.30pm. We don’t charge for the week but ask for a suggested donation of £15 per first child and £10 for other children in the same family to cover our costs. Consent forms and more information are available on the website: