It’s not exactly Banksy …

Original Article by David Jenkins on December 22, 2013

DSC01894-grafitti[1]We had an epidemic of graffiti earlier in the year but that seemed to have got itself sorted. Unfortunately there’s evidence of fresh activity.

Although the Guided Busway is again the main focus, where the noise barriers seem to offer an attractive canvas for the graffiti merchants, it is also seen on electrical boxes, waste bins, road signs and other surfaces throughout the village especially. It’s unsightly and allowing it to remain suggests that the community somehow tolerates it.

It’s not just a community problem; graffiti is also a personal issue. It can be distressing for those whose property is defaced and/or damaged and even though sometimes clean-up is free to the property owner through the Youth Restorative Justice team there’s still a cost to the tax payer.

It is important that the community supports a ‘no tolerance’ approach and reports any new graffiti immediately so that it may be removed. Click here to go the South Cambs website Alternatively call 03450 540500. South Cambs promises to prioritise offensive graffiti.

Parents specifically have a role. They should please be alert to the paraphernalia of graffiti in their children’s bags. If there’s any evidence that their children are involved they should please counsel against such activity. The police for its part will challenge anyone they suspect of being a graffiti merchant.

If anyone sees graffiti being applied please call 999 immediately. This will give the police a chance to get to the incident and catch the offender in the process of committing the crime. Our PCSO, Tony Martin, will follow up immediately.

And finally: if you are a budding graffiti artist please think again. If you really want to develop your skills talk to the Parish Council youth committee. Maybe it can help you to direct your energy more usefully and less destructively so that if you really do have a Banksy talent you can develop it.