It’s the pot hole season again

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Every winter we see an epidemic of potholes. It’s the combined result of heavy road usage during the previous year, frost opening up cracks and gritting making them worse, and heavy rains. This year is no different.

The County Council is responsible for repairing our roads and has a regular program of inspection to identify which roads need repair. However because this is ‘regular’ it can mean that potholes are not spotted and scheduled for filling-in after they have become large and dangerous and a source of damage for road vehicles.

That’s where local residents are important and web-sites like If you report a pot hole on this site it is passed on to the County Council.

Alternatively you can go straight to and click on ‘transport and streets’ in the left hand menu and then select ‘road and path maintenance’. You’ll then see a button to ‘report/track a problem online’ and you’re ready to go. Alternatively simply click here. It’s a bit long-winded and FixMyStreet is probably easier to use.

Please report potholes and other reasons for road repair. The more we do it and the quicker we do it the more chance we’ll have for an early response.