New Communty open Space for the 21st Century

There are times in the life of a community when an opportunity arises which could have lasting benefits for generations and such an occasion now exists.
Throughout Histon and Impington there are examples of legacies of buildings and open spaces that have been provided, in some cases centuries and in others decades ago, that we today are able to benefit from and enjoy.
We have a vibrant community of over 8000 people but the amount of public recreational space we have in our two villages is way below national guidelines and the availability of land for any purpose is scarce. The village Recreation Ground is a beacon of activity which at times is straining at capacity and this is restricting the development of new and existing activities.

Over the last couple of years Histon & Impington Parish Council have been discussing with Cambridgeshire County Council the possibility of acquiring a 12 acre field at Bypass Farm. This field is located to the west of the B1049 (Cottenham Road) after the last bungalow on the left as you leave the village when travelling to- wards Cottenham.


The location is on the edge of the village but the reality is that a site of this size will only be available on the periphery and much of that is in private ownership.

At its July meeting the Parish Council agreed to proceed to being able to acquire the lease of the Bypass Farm field from the County Council. A final decision whether to fully pro- ceed is expected in next few months.
The intention is to use the land as open recreational space for the villages for a range of uses for all ages, many of which have no other provision in the villages. The Parish Council will be undertaking a major consultation on uses if the acquisition should proceed.
The Parish Council over the last decade has a good track record of delivering new and improved facilities such as the Recreation Ground development and two play area improvement programmes, and this experience will be invaluable if the Bypass Farm project should proceed.

There will be an open public meeting on Monday 4th NOVEMBER 2013 at 7.30pm in the Junior School Hall, all residents are welcome to come and provide their views on the potential acquisition.