New web-site for Histon & Impington Parish Council

by David Jenkins on 

This site has been effectively live for a few days now, what they call in the trade a soft launch, so it won’t be new to many but now it’s official.

It’s the most recent step in a journey we began in the summer and will run for a couple of years at the end of which we will have a Neighbourhood Plan. Click on the Neighbourhood Plan tab in the menu bar to learn more about that.

We began by describing our community and our aspirations for it. This has now been published as our ‘vision’ version 0.1 (click here). We expect this to go though several iterations over the next months.

We took this document to a number of graphic designers and asked them what combination of fonts and colours and other design features could best be used on our web-site and other media as we engage with the community. The result of this was the decision to work with Matt Willatt ( Matt is an IVC alumnus and now lives in Orchard Park where he runs his own business. Matt has given us the design style which you see in the new web-site.

We then took Matt’s style to Adam Lord ( who has built the site.

This new site is a part of a number of ways in which the Parish Council engages with the community. There is also a twitter feed (@hisimpnet) and a Facebook page (Facebook/HisImpParishCouncil); sign up for both on the web-site. You can also connect to an RSS feeed or simply register your email address to get emails whenever we put a new post on the site. We will continue to publish the newsletter, to put notices on our notice boards and to hold our meetings in public.

There’s plenty of scope on the site for comments so please let us know what you think.


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