Recreation Ground perimeter fencing

Over the late Autumn period new perimeter fencing was erected around much of the Recreation Ground and this work was completed at the end of November.rec

There were a number of reasons for the work;

  • The existing fencing along Fieldstead Road was in a poor state of repair and needed replacing
  • Many of the football pitches on the Rec are badly affected by rabbits resulting in health and safety concerns which without corrective action on match days would make pitches unplayable.

Perimeter fencing was recommended to prevent rabbits entering the ground

  • Chivers Farms have introduced new fencing to regularise access and the rec perimeter fence complements this.
  • Improve general security of the Recreation Ground , last year a tractor was stolen and driven out of the Rec through the Guided Busway

Unfortunately on the first Saturday in December there was an incident involving a 12 year old boy from a Haverhill football team who we understand was climbing over the new 1.8m fence perimeter fence by the Guided Busway to go to the toilet.

The player did need two hospital operations for his injury and importantly we understand that he is recovering satisfactorily.

The Recreation Committee arranged the display of temporary signs requesting that fences are not climbed and have ensured that gates provided in the perimeter fence are open for ball retrieval.

The Committee are looking at the incident in detail to evaluate if further measures are required and a report will be presented to the Recreation Committee at their meeting on Monday 26th January

Neil Davies

Chairman Histon & Impington Parish Council Recreation Committee