The long awaited 30mph speed limit north of The Green

30-mphIt is now two or three years since the majority of the southern section of the B1049 through our villages was reduced to a limit of 30mph.

One of the most often asked questions of the Parish Council is when (not if) the northern section (from The Green towards Cottenham) would follow suit and become 30mph. Including over the summer on our Facebook page:

“My 6 year old is asking when the 30 speed limit is going to happen so that we can cross the main rd more safely. Why is an important safety issue taking so long to implement after it was agreed?”

Despite a promise by the County Council to review the speed limit on the northern section after a year of the southern section change – nothing happened. This stretch of road has many residential properties directly off of it (more than the southern section) and has some ‘fast’ sweeping bends which can make it difficult to cross.

So the Parish Council took the decision to request the change in speed limit and fund the process itself. Finally the local consultation on this change was announced and finished on the 11th October. No objections were made so we are now waiting for the County Council to make the change.

We’ll get there one day!
Author: David Legge