Water, water, everywhere

Brook_overflow_7Feb14[1]Original Article from Hisimp.net by Denis Payne

We had almost 20mm of rain on Thursday night and early Friday – and didn’t we know it! The Brook over its banks, water coming up through manhole covers, the B1049 almost covered with water.

The Parish Council has a working group looking at what we need to do to minimise the risk that homes are flooded, and that we can all get on with our lives when there is a lot of run-off from heavy rain.

We need to know if you had any problems from all the rain and the raised water levels – did your home or garden get flooded? Did you have problems flushing toilets or with sinks not emptying? Did you have any other problems? It would really help to know your precise locations – so if you need to pass on an address, please email denis.payne@hisimp.net.