Woodchippings at the Copse 23rd November 2013

Woodchipping at the Copse - 23rd Nov 2013  Spreading woodchippings near the Crossing Keeper's Hut

On Saturday the 23rd of November the Enviro Volunteers were out again preparing the Crossing Keeper’s Hut in Impington for Santa’s arrival on Saturday the 7th of December.  A selection of pictures is now available on the enviro volunteers flickr page www.flickr.com/photos/hisimpenviro/ 
Woodchipping at the Copse - 23rd Nov 2013
Three huge piles of woodchippings were spread along the opening to the Copse and and immediate pathways.  We hope this will make walking round this area of the Copse a less muddy experience!
Woodchipping at the Copse - 23rd Nov 2013
And we managed to hang the sign up to announce Santa’s arrival too!
Putting the sign up for Santa - Crossing Keeper's Hut 2013
We had a good turn out of volunteers from the villages on the day – everyone is welcome to join the enviro volunteers for as long or as little as you like!